Darshan Academy, Ludhiana

Our Clubs

Darshan Academy runs eleven junior clubs for students of grades 3 to 5, and thirteen senior clubs for students of grades 6 to 11. The aim is to bring out the hidden talents of the students to hone their skills as per their interest. Various activities, like educational excursions, competitions, community service, workshops and presentations in the assembly are organized each year according to the action plan prepared at the beginning of each session.

PARYAVARAN (ECO CLUB)  trains students on maintaining harmony between self and environment.

KALAKRITI (ART & CRAFT CLUB) helps students explore and hone their creative skills and explore the world of color and design.

MUSIC CLUB & DANCE CLUB conducts classes for students on regular basis after school hours, organizes various competitions , and members give performance in old age home.

MATHEMATIC (MATHS CLUB) brings out the best mathematicians in school. Members have fun solving puzzles and mathematical problems.

CYBER CAFE CLUB members of Cyber Cafe explore the vast realms of the IT world.

HERITAGE CLUB aim is to appreciate customs, traditions and transitions from one generation to another.

PUKAR CLUB cultivates the quality of being human.

FIRST AID CLUB trains students on quick reactions to small injuries.

RANGKARMI members of are trained in dramatics and theater.