DEF awards four scholarships to students, who fall under the criteria decided for different scholarships:

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded for excellence in Academics to the toppers of Grades VI to IX and XI, subject to the fulfilment of the following criteria:

  • Topper in the class with a minimum of 95% in Grade VI to IX
  • Topper in the class with a minimum of 92% in Grade XI
  • The scholarship amount will be Rs 5000/-
  • In no case, average marks should be assigned in any test in which the child has been absent. The scores added should be the actual scores obtained and no marks should be assigned for absence.

Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarship

The scholarship is for all round excellence in Academics, Sports and Co-curricular activities and is awarded to one student of the Academy in one session, subject to the fulfilment of the criteria. The Selection of students shall be made out of students promoted from grade VI and above. The Scholarship amount will be Rs.5000/-

  • Only students who score a minimum of 85% in academics and earn grades accordingly will be eligible.
  • Only students who have a minimum of 90% attendance will be eligible.
  • The Award will take into account: Academic performance , Participation in Games and Sports , Participation in Co-curricular Activities.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarship

1- Three students of Grade X shall be selected, after declaration of the result of class X, for scholarship according to the criteria given as under:

  • Top three students in class X with minimum 95% marks shall be decided after completion of admission in class XI, which would include the students from Darshan Academy as well as students from other Schools.
  • The recommendation of the respective Principal shall be mandatory to verify whetherthe selected students had been maintaining the clean record during their stay at school or not.
  • The selected students of class X shall be entitled for the scholarship after passing class XI if they continue their studies in class XII in the same Darshan Academy and produce an undertaking with regard to getting guidance from the facilitators/Institutes to the office of the Principal.
  • The Principal as well as Manager would further verify the name of the facilitators/Institutes, the authencity of students` enrolment and details of the facilitators /Institutes in Class XII after completion of entire course and forward the same to the Education Officer concerned, who, in turn, would further verify all the said details before recommendation.

Amount of Scholarship:

  • Ist Position Holder – Rs 30,000 /-PA
  • IInd Position Holder – Rs. 25,000 /- PA
  • IIIrd Position Holder – Rs 20,000 /-PA


  • The main objective of this scholarship is to promote higher learning.
  • The said Scholarship is meant for the students desirous of competing in prestigious competitions namely AIEEE for admission to IITs, NIITs, NEET (National Eligibility-cumEntrance Test) for admission to Medical Colleges, NEST for admission to integrated MSc (Bhabha Atomic Centre), CPT for admission to Chartered Accountancy Course (CA) and CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) or any other National level competition subject to approval from the Head Office.

Topper in Grade XII

  • Topper in each stream i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities with a minimum of 95% mark
  • Amount of Scholarship: Rs. 11,000/-

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Sports Scholarship

This scholarship is granted for competing in the School Nationals/ State Level games to students after passing through the selection process devised by Sports Authority of India.

Level 1: If a student participates at State Level (SGFI) after qualifying in the events organized at District Level as well as Zonal Level, he/she is entitled for the following assistance:

  • Exemption from all kinds of Fee in the academic session he/she participates at State Level and in the subsequent academic sessions if he/she maintains the same status or qualifies for National and International Level
  • Provision of Sports Kits and track suits

The said assistance shall be given only if a student qualifies in the games and sports recognized by the Sports Authority of India.

Level 2 : Participation in Games and Sports organized by CBSE

First position at National level-- Scholarship amount –Rs 1000/-per student


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