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We at Darshan Academy Ludhiana believe that active participation of students in Health and Physical Education is essential for the holistic development of their life skills.Students gain the knowledge, skills, right attitudes and values towards the pursuit of a lifelong physically active and healthy lifestyle. A wide range of games held at the sprawling acres of the school playfield provide ample opportunities to each student to hone their sporting skills. State-of-the-art infrastructure ofthe sports clubs facilitates each child to participate in the sport of their choice.The school has reserved one period daily for Health and Physical Education for the students to play, practice and harness their skills under the guidance of qualified coaches. Different Sports Clubs under the Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education project by CBSE for students of classes IX- XII have been providing provisions so that students are able to attain an optimum state of health. The sports clubs offer extensive programs to make the pupils physically, mentally and emotionally fit, and to develop such personal and social qualities as will help them to become good human beings.

The different sports clubs are:
  • Cricket Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Kho-Kho Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Table Tennis Club
Values imparted:
  • Team Spirit
  • Sportspersonship
  • Courage
  • Self Discipline

Students engage in a daily meditation sitting. Meditation helps you to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate. Darshan Academy is committed to service. Students learn to lend a helping hand and regularly take part in projects to improve the environment and help people in need.

An Inter-Class Basketball Tournament for classes X-XII and an Inter-House Basketball Tournament for classes VI-IX were organized at Darshan Academy Ludhiana on August 28 and 29, 2018 respectively as part of Strand 1 under Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education. A class as a whole was encouraged to take up a team game and delineate the role of each student as a player, captain, umpire, cheerleader, commentator, eventmanager, coach and organizer. All students participated with great zeal and zest. It was a breath- taking competition. Players stepped onto the court and set it ablaze with speed, endurance, dribble, much to the spectators’ excitement. It was a treat to watch each student using individual skills and team strategies to cooperate with others to score points and help their team win the game. The match had a nail-biting finish. Boys of class XII Arts and girls of class X in the Inter-Class Tournament and the Darshan House both for boys and girls in the Inter-House Tournament emerged triumphant and were honored with trophies. The Principal Mrs. Rajdeep Kaur Aulakh applauded everyone for their participation and teamwork. Our students are showing outstanding performance in sports at different levels



Organized by Speed Sports

All India Karate Tournament was held at Guru Nanak Stadium Ludhiana on 17th and 18th of August 2018. Players from eight different states participated in the tournament. Students of Darshan Academy Ludhiana representing the Punjab State also participated in the tournament. Their achievements are mentioned below:-

Under the Mainstreaming of Health and Education Project, Strand 2 includes activities to ensure students’ health and fitness. The main purpose of this strand is improvingthe overall health and fitness of the students. Participation of each child is ensured as they are engaged in mass PT, yoga, jogging, races and many calisthenic activities during the school hours. Students are free to innovate their own mechanisms under the guidance of their teachers and work on their fitness at their level best. Students start the day with ten minutes of meditation. Meditation helps students experience refreshing moments of calm, balance, and peace and helps to reduce stress.

Values Imparted :
  • A commitment to exercising safely and effectively for the benefit of personal health and wellness.
  • Learning about how the body responds to health and fitness interventions.
  • An understanding of the inner workings of the body and how the body responds to external stimuli.
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle which includes meditation.

Under the Mainstreaming of Health and Education Project,Strand 3 involves a SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action) project geared to directing students' mind towards creative and critical thinking and constructive activities that have a positive outcome. To serve this purpose, the seeds of spiritual knowledge are sown in the minds and hearts of students to empower them to express love, care and compassion towards the less privileged, the CWSN (Divyang),the society and the environment. Under Strand 3, the school decided to take the theme 'Empathy,' a voluntary project throughout the year. An hourly schedule of activities is assigned under this theme. An action plan is drafted and each student is assigned a duty for the project. Visits to slum areas and inviting the less privileged children to school for a music competition were really remarkable. The activities inculcate the values and feelings of equality, providing a platform to perform and experience for less privileged children. During the visit to slum areas at Tajpur road Ludhiana on 26th July 2018, the students also collected the materials of utility like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mosquito repellent etc. and distributed them among the slum area dwellers. Students also sensitized them to health and hygiene. Darshan Academy Ludhiana organized inter house Music completion on 27th July 2018. Children from a nearby slum were invited for guest performance. There were children who have never been to school earlier and were very excited to be guests in the school. They went up to the stage in a group (8 – 14 yrs) and performed a bhajan. They were awarded for their performance. Their smiling faces showed that they felt honored and delighted. On every Thursday Darshan Academy Ludhiana sends ‘Roti Bank’ van to civil hospital and slum areas. Students and teachers bring an extra ‘Chappati’ for ‘Roti Bank’. The chappatis are collected in baskets by students of senior classes and then the van moves to distribute the chappatis. The woes of Kerala flood victims were heart sinking. To serve them, the students collected clothes, napkins, eatables and other objects of utility and contributed their services to the flood affected victims. Under this project, students are practicing experiential learning which will help them to develop as caring and compassionate human beings.


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