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Grandparents Day

(March 13, 2018)

This special day was celebrated at Darshan Academy, Pune on 3rd February 2018 to show respect and gratitude for our grandparents. Chief Guest was Mr. Gurbux Kundnani. Guests of Honour were Mr. Laxman Hukkery, President, Senior Citizens, Empire Estate; Mrs. Anuradha, President, Mahila Mandal, Empire Estate and Mr. Ranjeet Edke, Chairman, Empire Estate. To honor and entertain the grandparents a special cultural program with song, dance and skits was presented by students of Grade Nursery to Grade II. A Tree Plantation Drive was also organized to mark the occasion

Annual Athletic Meet

(March 13, 2018)

Darshan Academy, Pune organized the eagerly awaited Annual Athletic Meet, on 10th February 2018. Many sports activities were conducted and prizes distributed. The Chief Guest for this event was Ms. Vahbiz Bharucha, Ex- Indian Captain –Rugby. The Guest of Honour was Ms. Neha Pardeshi, Indian Captain –Rugby. Other Special Guests included Mr. Gurbux Kundnani, Mr. Deepak Kundnani, Manager, Mr. H P Saxena, Mr. Laxman Hukkery, President and Mr.Vijay Marathe, Senior Citizen, Empire Estate. Students displayed a gala of performances. Inter House March Past Competition for Grades III to IX & Shape & Design Display Parade for Grades Nursery to II. Nursery to Grade II also performed a drill. Grades III to V performed Lezim and Dumbell Dance. Grades VI to IX performed an Aerobic Drill and Motivational Song. Other Athletic events included several Races: 50 m, 100 m, three-legged race and other exciting races for pre-school. Prizes were distributed by our guests for Cultural, Sports, Academics, SOF, Best Mom’s Tiffin Competition, Sports Icon Trophy, March Past Trophy, Athletic Trophies and Champion House Trophy.

Spelling Bee

(March 13, 2018)

On 1st February 2018 Darshan Academy, Pune held a Spelling Bee to give students a platform to develop their vocabulary, accurate word usage and pronunciation skills. The event was organized by Education Concepts India-Spelling Bee. Darshanites were awarded for their outstanding performance. Darshan Academy, Pune was awarded as the Best School by Education Concepts, India & Mrs. Rangoli Saxena, Principal was awarded a ttrophy for commendable performance of the school.

National Science Day

(March 8, 2018)

To commemorate Raman Effect by Indian Physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman, National Science Day was celebrated by the students of classes VI – IX on 28 February 2018 at Darshan Academy, Meerut. The basic objective of the celebration of National Science Day was to propagate the message of importance of science and its application among the people. The celebration included a Science Exhibition based on theme of ‘Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future’. Students participated in the speeches, quizzes, on-the-spot poster making contest and many more activities. Preparation of working models on the concepts of LIGHT, gave ample opportunity to the scientific minded students of the Academy to showcase their aptitude. Students were appreciated by the media and the parents for advocating the issues to conserve energy like installing solar panels, using LED lights, harvesting rain water, using solid wastes from kitchen and cow dung as manure, reducing the use of plastic bags and plastic containers, and promoting the use of bicycles or public transport. Overall, the Science Exhibition and students’ creativity gained a lot of applause.

Brainfeed Excellence Award

(March 8, 2018)

High Achievements always take place in the framework of high expectations. With the same spirit Darshan Academy is moving on the path of achievements. It is a matter of pride that Darshan Academy, Ludhiana was enlisted in the category of Top 500 schools of India (2017-18) through a survey conducted by Brainfeed. On 24th February 2018 the school was given the award on the basis of different categories as Best Academic Excellence Schools, Best Community and collaborative Schools, Best School with Happiness Quotient Index, and Best in Sports Education respectively. The Principal congratulated each member of the staff and the students for their joint efforts to bring the school to this elevated level.

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